Be mobile

The sun-drenched plateau of the Aletsch Arena with the holiday resorts of Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp is car-free. You have to leave your car down in the valley. Better still, take a comfortable and environmentally friendly journey by train. The aerial cableways make it really easy for you to get around when you arrive. 

Be mobile with the mountain cableways 

The mountain cableways of Aletsch Bahnen AG make the holiday resorts on the sun-drenched plateau of the Aletsch Arena and the mountains with their breathtaking viewpoints extremely accessible. The modern aerial cableways will transport you comfortably and safely into the mountains. From there, you can easily reach the hot spots along the route of the Aletsch Half-Marathon. Here is some information on the timetables and ticket prices of the mountain cableways.

Be mobile with the Aletsch Explorer

The Aletsch+ hiking pass is extremely very attractive way of accessing unlimited travel in the Aletsch Arena. With just one ticket, you get free travel on the MGBahn on the route Brig - Mörel – Betten Talstation – Fiesch – Fürgangen and free use of the mountain cableways in the Aletsch Arena. Even better, the Aletsch Explorer is available for 1 to 21 days and so can be adjusted to the length of your stay in the Aletsch Arena.

Be mobile with the Aletsch Express 

The Aletsch Express is a convenient shuttle service between Bettmeralp and Riederalp. And there are even extra buses over the weekend of the half-marathon! Are you staying in Riederalp and want to watch the start of the Aletsch Half-Marathon in Bettmeralp? Or maybe you want to get from Bettmeralp to the lower station of the Moosfluh gondola so that you can cheer the runners on at the top of the mountain? Here are the travel times of the Aletsch Express!