Extra services for runners


There are no childcare facilities offered at the Aletsch Half-Marathon itself. Mothers and fathers taking part in the mountain run can contact the childcare services office at the tourist organisation Aletsch Arena AG to arrange professional childcare services for the duration of the race. Childcare is free of charge but parents must arrange insurance cover for their children.

Childcare hours:     9.30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Registration:           +41 27 928 58 58 / info@aletscharena.ch

Photo service

The photo service allows every runner to purchase professional photos of their participation in the Aletsch Half-Marathon. The pictures will be taken by photographers along the route. To retrieve and download your photos from the photo service, simply enter your race bib. You can either buy the photos individually or buy a set of digital photos at a fixed price.

Storage point for valuables

Where should you put your mobile phone, keys or wallet while you are taking part in the mountain run? Participants can hand these valuables in for safekeeping at the storage point for valuables. This office is located in the basement of the upper station of the Bettmeralp aerial cable car. You can hand in any valuables here for safekeeping before the start. The valuables will be kept in sealed envelopes (C3 size). The valuables will be moved to the finish zone on the Bettmerhorn after the start of the race. This means you will be able to collect your valuables as soon as you have crossed the finish line.