Aletsch Express

Runners, spectators and guests staying in the car-free village of Riederalp can reach the start line of the Aletsch Half-Marathon in Bettmeralp via the Aletsch Express. The buses run between Riederalp-West and the aerial cable car of Bettmeralp Bahnen. The Aletsch Express will be running extra services on the days of the event. Please note: there is limited capacity on the buses!

Click here to view the Aletsch Express timetable during the Aletsch Half-Marathon.


Even if you are travelling by car, you can still travel on the aerial cable car from Betten Talstation to Bettmeralp or from Mörel-Filet to Riederalp free of charge. All you need to do is register for an SBB Swiss Runners Ticket.

Obtaining a Swiss Runners Ticket

How to get here

The Aletsch Half-Marathon takes place at the heart of the Aletsch Arena, part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. The canton of Valais is easily accessible by either car or train.

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Arriving by train

Travelling by train to the Aletsch Half-Marathon is not just safe and comfortable, it is also environmentally friendly. If you take advantage of the SBB’s Swiss Runners Ticket, you can benefit from a free return journey on public transport from anywhere in Switzerland.  

Details for arrival by train:

Alternative route 
to avoid bottlenecks

  • from Brig to Mörel-Filet valley station (approx. 10 km) with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn)
  • from Mörel-Filet valley station to the car-free Riederalp Mitte with the Riederalp cable car
  • from Riederalp Mitte approx. 20 minutes walk to the start on Bettmeralp (Bettmeralp mountain station)

Swiss Runners Ticket

Logo Swiss Runners Ticket

All participants benefit from a free 2nd class public transport journey from their place of residence or train station in Switzerland to Bettmeralp and back via GA area routes. You will receive a coupon code for the outward journey and one for the return journey by e-mail. You can redeem both coupon codes at and now also at the ticket counter. It is not possible to book at ticket machines or via the SBB app.

The arrival can be made from June 15, 2024 and the return journey between June 22 and June 30, 2024. On the return journey, the special ticket is only valid together with your Aletsch Half Marathon start number.

Important information on purchasing the Swissrunner ticket

  • You will receive the coupon codes with the confirmation email for your registration.
  • Please note that your codes can only be redeemed at the ticket counter and online. It is not possible to purchase tickets at ticket machines or via the SBB app.
  • Select your desired travel route (from your place of residence to the event venue) on the desired date and at the preferred time.
  • If you are given a selection of possible ticket options, please be sure to select a point-to-point ticket. Please note: If you select the supersaver ticket, this is only valid on the selected connection at the specified time (not for the whole day). 
  • If you are only travelling within the fare network, the respective fare regulations apply. You can see whether you are travelling within the fare network from the information below the route you have entered. Regional tickets are limited in time. For more flexibility, we recommend changing the travel option to «Day Pass». In this case, you will no longer need another travelcard for the return journey. 
  • We recommend copying the coupon codes at the end of the «Purchase process» in the SBB Shop from the registration confirmation and not typing them in manually.
  • Please complete the purchase process when you enter the voucher for the first time, otherwise it will expire.

FAQ about the Swissrunners ticket

Where can coupons be redeemed?

The coupons can be redeemed online or at the ticket counter. It is not possible to redeem coupons via the SBB Mobile App.

Are the coupons personal?

Yes. Each runner receives two personal vouchers: one is valid for the outward journey to the running event and the other is valid for the return journey. Each coupon can only be redeemed once.

Why are there two codes per runner?

Two coupon codes are required to ensure a certain degree of flexibility, e.g. for arrival and return dates.

How can I redeem my coupons?

The procedure for redeeming and using the coupons is explained in separate instructions. You can find the instructions in the confirmation email of your registration or here.

Can a Swiss Runners Ticket be used on several days or can I add an interim stop?

No. Your Swiss Runners Ticket is only valid on the calendar day printed on it. Each registration includes one outward and one return journey. You can select the departure and return day you want during the purchase process. If you don’t want to make your outward or return journey in one go and/or on the same day, the code can be used for the first or second part of the journey. An additional public transport ticket must be purchased for all other journey sections.

How many days before the race can the coupon codes be redeemed?

Tickets can be purchased one month before the start of the event. The outward journey can be made from 15 June and the return journey until 30 June 2024.

Is the ticket linked to a specific departure time?

The selected Point-to-Point Ticket is valid for the entire calendar day selected for your jour- ney. Make sure you do not buy a supersaver ticket. Supersaver tickets are only valid for the specified connection at the selected time. If you are travelling within a fare network, select the Day Pass. Otherwise, the ticket is usually only valid for a limited time (e.g. two hours or three hours).

Can I select the city supplement during the purchase process?

You can optionally select the city supplement so that you can use local public transport (tram/bus) on your outward journey if required.

What must be shown during the ticket inspection on the journey?

Either the printed ticket or the electronic version on your smartphone must be presented at ticket inspection. Important: The Swiss Runners Ticket is personal and is only valid on the return journey in combination with your running event bib number. Please present both on the train without being asked. As with all types of online ticket, you must also be able to prove your identity at all times with official ID.

What should I do if I don't have a printer?

After purchasing online, you can also display the ticket on the app or have it sent to you by e-mail for display on your smartphone.

Is the Swiss Runners Ticket valid if the running event is cancelled?

In the event of cancellation of the start, the ticket is invalid.

This is how you secure your Swiss Runners ticket:

Instructions in English

Validity of Swiss Runners Ticket:

The outward journey can take place between 15 June 2024 and the return journey until 30 June 2024. More details are available at The Swiss Runners Ticket is valid for everyone who has registered for the Aletsch Half Marathon and/or the Saturday races. 

Arriving by car

Participants can travel by car to the Aletsch Half-Marathon on good roads and/or part of the way on the car train direct to Betten Talstation and Mörel-Filet. Here, there are sufficient fee-based parking spaces and a modern multi-storey car park. You then take the Bettmeralp aerial cable car from Betten Talstation and reach the car-free village of Bettmeralp in a matter of minutes. 

Details on how to travel by car to Betten:

  • from West Switzerland along Lake Geneva and through the Rhone valley 
  • from Italy via the Simplon Pass or by car train from Iselle
  • from Germany via Basel, Bern, Thun, Kandersteg (Lötschberg car train) 
  • from Zurich or Lucerne towards Gotthard via the Furka Pass or via the Furka car train into the Rhone valley.