Data protection

Data protection policy of the Swiss Runners association

The association members of Swiss Runners undertake to comply with the following principles of data protection when organising and carrying out race events. 

1. Commitment to protecting personal data 

Protecting the personal data of our runners is very important to us. Data protection violations could lead to both runners and the general public losing their trust in the association and could endanger the execution of race events. 

2. Data minimisation 

We only process the minimum amount of data required for the intended purpose. As far as the registration and execution of the race event is concerned, the only mandatory information required from the runners is their last name, first name, year of birth and address, and for online registration also their e-mail address. We only ask for other data on a voluntary basis and only when it is required to provide an additional service. In ranking lists, only the last name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, category and finish time are published. The full address is not published. Ranking lists are only published online on the event organiser's website and on the Datasport website. We delete or archive data that is no longer required. 

3. Transparent information 

We can assume that when runners register, they automatically agree to any data processing directly related to the organisation and execution of the race event, e.g. the delivery of race bibs and of information on the race event. We inform the runners when they register and on the website about any data processing not directly related to the organisation and execution of the race event and the purpose of such data processing. This includes, for example, the publication of data including finish time and race bib on the Internet and in print media as well as passing on data to third-party companies. 

4. Passing on data to third-party companies 

We only pass personal data on to third-party companies that contractually agree to only process the data for a certain precisely defined purpose. We obtain the runners' consent before passing on personal data to third-party companies that process the data for their own purposes (photo service, sponsors, newspapers, TV stations, Internet services, etc.). For this purpose, we refer to the data protection statement of the Swiss Runners association on registration (whether on paper or via Internet) and also provide more detailed information on the website. The data protection statement and the information on the website is regularly checked to ensure it is up-to-date and is adjusted to reflect current conditions if necessary. Runners are given the chance to stop or restrict data being passed on to third parties. We provide an e-mail address and our postal address on registration so that runners can contact us if they do not agree to their data being passed on to third parties. Data transfer to third parties only takes place when the runner has not sent a message asking for data not to be transferred.

In connection with the loyalty programme, we are also entitled to automatically match addresses in order to determine the number of events staged by members of the Swiss Runners Association in which you have participated during a calendar year. The data obtained from this process will be used solely to implement the loyalty programme (determining the number of participations, sending out vouchers). You can find more information about the loyalty programme on our website. If you do not wish to take part in the loyalty programme, you may notify us to this effect by writing to the following address: 

c/o Bettmeralp Tourismus
CH-3992 Bettmeralp

5. Running Membership

By registering you become a running member of Swiss Athletics and Swiss Olympic at the same time. For this purpose, we forward your name and e-mail address to Swiss Athletics. Your data will be used exclusively for registration as a member and will not be passed on to third parties. This membership is free for you and expires at the end of the following calendar year. For more information, visit

You can revoke your consent to the transmission of your data to Swiss Athletics at any time in written form (e-mail to

6. Form of transfer 

We transfer data in paper form and by electronic means. The transfer of data in paper form takes place by registered post or is handed over personally to the person responsible. When sending personal data electronically, we use encrypted e-mails. 

7. Outsourcing of data processing

Companies which work for us by organising and executing race events, for example by carrying out timekeeping activities, online registration, etc., process the data on our behalf and only for our purposes. In accordance with the law, we are obliged to check the data processing carried out by these companies and to ensure that they commit to not processing the data for their own purposes or passing it on to third parties. We are aware that we are responsible for any data processing mistakes made by these companies that may affect the runners.

8. Right to information 

Runners have the right to request information on what data concerning them is being processed. We organise our data processing in such a way that runners can be granted their right to information within a reasonable period of time. We ensure that the data can be corrected or deleted on demand. The provision, correction or deletion of data can only be refused if we are legally obliged to process the data or we can claim an overriding interest. When runners register for race events, we provide e-mail and postal addresses which they can use if they have any questions. 

9. Data security 

We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect our runners' data from intentional or accidental destruction or falsification as well as from access by unauthorised third parties. If the data is processed by an outsourcing partner such as Datasport or Mikatiming then we make sure that these companies comply with data security guidelines and that they constantly check and improve their compliance procedures.

10. Responsibility 

The responsibility for compliance with this data protection policy lies with each member of staff responsible for processing data. The organisation committee regularly checks whether staff are complying with the data protection policy and punishes improper use and violations. 

11.Registration of data collection with Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner

We register our data collections with the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

12. Scope 

The data protection policy was issued by the executive committee of the Swiss Runners association and is implemented by the organisation committee of each event organiser for its own area.