Follow the race

We can understand that as a spectator standing alongside the route, you might feel you don’t really know how the whole race is progressing. After all, the half-marathon is a 21.1-km route through the pristine nature of the Aletsch Arena. But the organisers of the most beautiful mountain run in Europe have thought of a solution. If you want to know how the race is going, you can!

Race information at the finish line

Spectators following the Aletsch Half-Marathon at the finish line on the Bettmerhorn not only benefit from watching the runners actually crossing the finish line, they can also listen to a running commentary on the progress of the race all through the event.  

Live tracking with the Datasport app

Spectators can receive even more precise information through real-time data via DS Live. The Datasport app delivers start, split and finish times as well as the latest results in real time to your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This means you can follow all the action in the Aletsch Half-Marathon without interruption, and not just from alongside the route. The tracking service even allows you to follow the race virtually live, from your own home


Viktor Röthlin

European Marathon Champion 2010 I would like take the scenery with me but that’s not possible of course. But I was really impressed at how the entire region supports the run. Everyone talks to you about it... everyone gets involved, that’s great and I will try to do the same to inspire more people to run where I live. Taking part in the run is good but helping out is even better.