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Florian Koch

Head of Recreational Sports and Training Swiss Athletics

It was a sensational experience to take part in the Aletsch Half-Marathon. Wonderful weather and an incredible feeling running towards the finish line with so many spectators watching. I particularly liked the circuit around Riederfurka and, of course, the first glimpse of the glacier.


President of Swiss Athletics

An event with 2,500 runners speaks for itself. The Aletsch Half-Marathon has long been THE mountain half-marathon in Switzerland beyond any comparison. On behalf of Swiss Athletics, I congratulate you on reaching this milestone anniversary and am convinced that the Aletsch Half-Marathon success story will continue. Such exceptional events are very important for the running scene in Switzerland and consequently for Swiss Athletics too! Many thanks for your dedication. It is quite clear that the organisers have put their heart and soul into making a success of this unique run. Keep up the good work!

Viktor Röthlin

European Marathon Champion 2010

I would like take the scenery with me but that’s not possible of course. But I was really impressed at how the entire region supports the run. Everyone talks to you about it... everyone gets involved, that’s great and I will try to do the same to inspire more people to run where I live. Taking part in the run is good but helping out is even better.

Viktor Röthlin

European Marathon Champion 2010

Fantastic. The backdrop, all the spectators, it was really impressive. And when I got to the moraine and saw the glacier, that was it, I was hooked.

Richard Umberg


Everyone should take part at least once in the Aletsch Half-Marathon... and the magnificent and unparalleled views of the scenery around you are the most motivating factor you could wish for in a run. If you accept the challenge, you will literally whiz round the route.