Prize money and award ceremony

Every runner crossing the finish line at the Bettmerhorn will receive an attractive finisher shirt in recognition of their achievement. The race and category winners of the Aletsch Half-Marathon will receive prize money.

There are special prizes for the top three runners in each category. Special bonuses are awarded to any men or women setting new course records. Important: runners need to be actually present at the award ceremony. Otherwise they will forfeit their prize. 


  • Finisher shirt: awarded to all finishers crossing the finishing line

Finisher-Shirt 2018 FrontFinisher-Shirt 2018 Rückseite

  • Total prize money:
    CHF 10,000
  • Race winner (Men/Women):
    CHF 1,500
  • Category winner (Men/Women):
    1st CHF 250 / 2nd CHF 200 / 3rd CHF 150
  • Route record (Men/Women):
    CHF 600

Award ceremony:

When: 3 p.m.
Where: Bachtla Sports Centre, Bettmeralp


Florian Koch

Head of Recreational Sports and Training Swiss Athletics

It was a sensational experience to take part in the Aletsch Half-Marathon. Wonderful weather and an incredible feeling running towards the finish line with so many spectators watching. I particularly liked the circuit around Riederfurka and, of course, the first glimpse of the glacier.

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