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Since 1986, this top mountain run along the longest glacier in the Alps – the Aletsch glacier – has been organised in Bettmeralp. Since then this mountain run – also called the glacier run – has continuously progressed. In the past, the distance up to the 2,650 metre high Bettmerhorn amounted to 17.5 km. In 2000, after careful preparation, the distance and route were adapted to the runners’ standards. Since then the glacier run has been known as the ”Aletsch Half-Marathon“.

As the name indicates, runners have to master a 21.1 km distance with an altitude difference of around 1,050 metres. The marathon starts at 1,950 meters above sea level.


Though the number of runners taking part seemed to hover at around 550 before the year 2000, the number of participants has reached record levels since the run was renamed the Aletsch Half-Marathon. In 2004, the number of participants passed the 1000 mark for the first time. After 2000 runners from 20 countries finished the run last year, the number rose this year to a new record of 2245. This has meant we are slowly reaching our capacity limits and that is why we have decided to introduce a maximum number of participants to ensure that the efficient organisation of the event is not adversely affected. This has been set at 2500 registered runners for the main run, both male and female.

The decision was made with the aim of ensuring the continuation of the Aletsch Half-Marathon, where runners from near and far are offered a unique sporting experience amidst breathtaking natural scenery combined with outstanding organisational efficiency.

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